Monday, June 7, 2010

Hey so far Me, Meg and Alex are on here-

Colin if you see this I still need your email... so I can add you on here and get you posting. I gave and will give every one admin powers, so if any one wants to take a shot and giving the blog a facelift you can, i just picked a simple template and went at it, might actually switch it to just white

will be working on some designs tonight and tomorrow and I guess the rest of the week until we meet up.

Meg had a good idea in the comments section of the story post she made that each of us at least take one of the main characters to start working on, then once we have made a few designs for that one character we can work on the others, but for things like aliens, planets and vehicles we can all take a crack at what ever

hope everyone is having a good time with this, I know I am

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