Sunday, June 20, 2010

Visorian Guard thumbnails

I really love the stuffe that Brian Matyas is doing recently, He said himself that he is heavily inspired by Dermot Power, who uses a very graphic technique. I want to talk to Brian again, but I think he just uses a square brush with little to no oppacity jitter, no pressure sensitivity. Any way, here are some thumbnails for the Visorian Guard and random soldiers... I will definitely be doing more in the upcoming days.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Big Guy-Mechanic

Just trying to set up some ideas for the mechanic-I never do large builds so I'm working in it. I want to do more exaggerated body-types,but this is just a place to start! He's so generic-I need to show off his profession more. And I have no background in space suits-I'm pretty sure they'd be easy to kill if they wore these shoddy get-ups haha!I kind of want to call him Jericho though...
Yep-Terrense Howard and Terry Crews were my inspirations!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Settings: Paint Sketch

Just an idea of the landing sight (right) and a jungle sketch(left)... For the jungle I was thinking about the plant life and how different it should be from earth-so I was looking at the coral reef and how the plant looks under water. The "disks" (I might take more of a rose approach later), with inspiration from the picture below my sketches, could be where more advanced aliens reside to escape the more violent aliens. I was studying anenomes for the jungle plants as well. I posted a few reference pieces if anyone's interested in that idea.

Monday, June 14, 2010

First Sketch Post

I have no idea what Kyle is calling these whale/elephant creatures but I had fun starting with him. Just an idea of what they could look like. I'll refine the moss and some other stuff later if I still like it in a couple weeks!

Some more Character Reference

Sunday, June 13, 2010

References Round 2

OK GUYS! This stock artist is awesome. I encourage an immediate visit!

Just thought I'd post a few more reference pictures for inspiration. I know I'm trying to find a direction on clothing, so I did some digging. If anyone has any other style(s) they would like to suggest, by all means, post it here!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Flight uniform and space suit reference-

Here is some cool reference I found for us to start working on flight uniforms, which like most sci-fi would figure it would be closer to Naval Uniforms since they are "ships" or large vessels. I thought it would be cool to mix them with old diving uniforms or at least using the old diving uniforms for separate space suits. Meg had this awesome idea where the uniforms or space suits are Victorian inspired, sort of steam punk mixed with sci-fi

Here's some reference

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

just a couple of quick sketches I worked on tonight, just a pilot and a concept for the whale creature I was talking about

Monday, June 7, 2010

Hey so far Me, Meg and Alex are on here-

Colin if you see this I still need your email... so I can add you on here and get you posting. I gave and will give every one admin powers, so if any one wants to take a shot and giving the blog a facelift you can, i just picked a simple template and went at it, might actually switch it to just white

will be working on some designs tonight and tomorrow and I guess the rest of the week until we meet up.

Meg had a good idea in the comments section of the story post she made that each of us at least take one of the main characters to start working on, then once we have made a few designs for that one character we can work on the others, but for things like aliens, planets and vehicles we can all take a crack at what ever

hope everyone is having a good time with this, I know I am

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Story-Character Idea Concept (Round One)

I figured I should post this here so it could be easily accessed and not get lost. If anyone makes changes/additions to this could they be in red and send me a copy to my e-mail so I can keep my home folder updated? E-mail:

(Leader could be any one of the following):
Medic/Physician: (oldest 62 yrs old) heavy drinker/smoker, major hot-head, brash in action, comic relief

Negotiator/Anthropologist/Communications expert: (30 yrs old) Visorian newbie, genuine, peacekeeper even though the rest of the crew is weary of him/her (I’m thinking him for leader?)

Architect/Mechanic/Engineer: (45 yrs old) the big softie of the group (literally-hoping he’s the biggest of the group), always thinking architecturally, quick to defend

Botanist/Scientist: (27 years old) brother of the scientist duo (younger twin), complainer of the group, did not full-heartedly agree to explore this unknown planet, has been on the most planet expeditions, vegetarian

Agriculturalist/Scientist: (27 years old) the sister of the scientist duo (older twin), cook of the group, pleasant to most accept those that offend her (holds grudges), very loud and sarcastic to her brother (argue a lot about how a planet should be run)

Military/Trained Navigator and Weapons Expert: (34 yrs old) Very quiet, easily amused, never complains, hard to anger, apathetic to decisions

Visorian Counsel: Highest authorities on the ships “Resurgent” and “Renaissance”. There are 12 members on each ship. They make the important decisions for how each ship should be run. The 2 counsels unusually act together.

Conversen: Symbiotic, shapeshifting, ghost-like aliens looking to take over other planets. They are very social creatures, but they are cannibals and violent to their own kind also. They take over other species to survive because they are stronger when in one host, but can also spread into multiple bodies. When multiple bodies are taken over, a hive mentality is created to serve the Conversen. Yet, a Conversen is weakened by spreading its entity over multiple bodies; once it has taken over its maximum amount of bodies (usually 10-15), it is at its weakest. They have obscure bodies, with many points that must be destroyed on their bodies to be killed (like a worm can survive after being cut into sections).

• (2057 A.D.)With mankind’s overpopulation becoming an increasing threat to their future, socially and economically, the United Nations proposed “Project Golden Ark”. This project funded the creation of the “Resurgent” and the “Renaissance”, spaceships made to explore the farthest regions of space while transporting enough food, animals, plants, and supplies to created another habitable planet.

• The ship the story follows is the “Resurgent”- it is controlled and governed by the Visorians, a small group of appointed leaders that run the ship and control all major actions that take place in the exploration for a “new earth”.

• Many opportunities and attempts at finding a suitable place to inhabit have been made, but the native people of the past planets have prevented success.

• (2064 A.D.) The “Renaissance” was reported to have landed on an unidentified planet that they deemed habitable, but were attacked shortly after and massacred by the inhabitants of the land. After this event, the “Resurgent” no longer landed on any planet, but sent small explorer groups to collect data to present to the Visorians.

• (2073 A.D.) The “Resurgent” is making its way to a fueling cell. Upon surveying the scanners, a navigator detects a planet that the ship reads as viable. With the backing of an Agriculturalist, he meets with the Visorians and petitions the exploration of the planet. The counsel debates that the planet was passed up previously because of barren portions of the land that were created due to frequent meteor showers. The navigator pleads for just a short two week exploration, which is almost declined, until the newest member of the Visorians offers to be a part of the expedition. It is agreed that the inspection of the planet can take place, but the “Resurgent” will have to leave them there with no communication for two full weeks while they refuel at a fueling cell.

• A team of 6 (tentatively) dedicated and curious to exploration of the planet, are sent to there in a small trolley ship.

• When they land (on a large barren area hit by meteors), they find technology and signs of life; abandoned camps and strange writing. (NOTE: They discover the planet has air similar to earth’s.)

• For hours they explore the planet and catalogue the data until the Doctor falls into an unseen trap that offsets the explorers being attacked by raiding _(insert race name_ (nasty creatures).

• While being dragged through the barren area, another alien group attacks the explorers’ captors and kills the hostile aliens swiftly.

• The group is now captured by the _(insert race name)_ that turn out to be a friendly alien people who have learned bits of English to the explorers surprise. They soon discover from the aliens that the planet is populated by dozens of different aliens trying to colonize the planet, of which not many groups get along, and the world is a war zone. They tell them that their home planet was raided by “masked demons” and they were forced to this exile planet, while the rest of their people were slaughtered. The group asks them how they learned English, and the aliens tell them there is another group of humans on the planet.

• The team is in awe that the group of humans may possibly be the survivors of the “Renaissance”.

• The aliens tell them how to find the human group, but also they tell them they cannot go because there are far worse things on the path ahead.

• The crew is forced to leave the Doctor, whose leg is broken, in the care of the __________; they promised to return after they find the “Renaissance” group.

• (filler for journey will be determined by alien people and environments)

• When finally reaching the crashed ship of the “Renaissance”, the people are hostile towards the explorers, unsure whether or not to trust them. They explain that the “Resurgent” Visorians had been secretly paid off to enslave planets for certain wealthy countries to inhabit. When the “Renaissance” discovered the foul play, they were shot down and left on the planet of exile to die.

• The explorers are appalled by their counsel and the accompanying Visorian swears he knew nothing of the events. They convince the crew of the “Renaissance” to return with them to the “Resurgent” and bring the Visorian Counsel to justice.

• (filler)

• They return to the barren wasteland to find their ship has been torn apart for spare parts by other aliens.

• “Resurgent” makes contact with explorers for pickup. They tell them they found survivors of “Renaissance” and lie about what they know of their ships crash. Since their ship is immobile, they request another ship for their return.

• When the ship arrives, one of the members of the explorer groups turns on the rest, revealing he is a mole sent by the Visorian. The Visorians were afraid the “Renaissance” crew would still be alive and the explorers would find out the truth so they planted a spy in the group just in case to collect the data on the planet. The true purpose of the planet was a melting pot created by the Visorians that would be used in the future for slave labor.

• The Visorian Guard (private military force) emerges from the pick-up ship, ready to finish the explorers and “Renaissance” crew. Suddenly, he Doctor give the signal and the Guard swarmed and taken out quickly by the _insert alien races_ . The explorers promise to stop the Visorians from going through with their plans and to return their planets back to them.

• They return to the ship and the young Visorian slips into the communications center; meanwhile the rest, dressed in the Guard uniforms, report to the Visorian Counsel to capture them.

• The young Visorian calls an emergency transmission meeting to the United Nations and explains everything (on loud speakers to the entire ship as well) that the Visorians have been secretly carrying out over the years. One of the Visorians angrily shouts out extreme frustration of how if the United Nations had never appointed another Visorian, things would have gone according to plan.

• The young Visorian returns just in time for the ranting elder Visorian to reveal he/she is more than meets the eye, as a Conversen (symbiotic, shape shifting ghost) alien departs from its host, and the Visorian counsel drops to the floor unconscious. The Conversen had been using its hive-like ghosting ability to control the counsel in order to sanction the taking over of planets for wealthy nations so that later on the Conversen aliens would have new lands and new hosts to become the most powerful aliens. A Conversen is weakened by spreading its entity over multiple bodies; this one had reached its maximum ability, and this is why it was unable to take over the new Visorian.

• A battle ensues, in which the only way to defeat the Conversen is to destroy certain points on its body (like a worm).

• (2075 A.D.) Aliens are granted return to their planets and the civil aliens become allies of earth. Humans are able to transform the slave planet into a feasible environment suitable for all areas the explorer group represented.

Friday, June 4, 2010

It Begins!

Here guys is where each one of us can post sketches,thumbnails, WIP, and finals along with story modifications, story additions or concerns or the strangest and coolest of ideas also post reference photos to show the rest of us the inspiration to your piece- this will help in the case that you are not feeling your piece or feel it matches it well

also this will be good for crits, but I think any final pieces should be printed and checked to look for errors before we go to printing

GET PUMPED GUYS- this is going to be awesome!